No Liquids Allowed

We’ve got some time to kill before our tour at 1730 of German Parliament. We decide to take the tube AKA the subway (which by now we have mastered, or at least we think we have) to check point Charlie. We end up spending about 45 minutes in the Check point Charlie Museum which is just a clutter of information packed into a 4 story building that doesn’t have AC and once you reach the top by stairs you’ve probably lost 10lbs in sweat.The information pamphlet begins to serve a new purpose as my own personal fan. Covered in sweat and beginning to feel as if we may collapse and die of heat stroke. I shout at Lindsey to inform her of my impending doom. We leave the museum to grab a snack and some water bottles for our journey. At this point I notice Lindsey is completely burnt on her shoulders and chest. Me being typically me, motherly. I take my shirt off and give it to her. I’ve got a tank top on underneath it and quiet frankly I could use the ventilation. Did I mention its unusually hot in Berlin, reaching over 90 degrees today.

We arrive on time with a few minutes to spare for our tour to the Reichstag dome and Brandenburg gate. However, we are unable to locate our tour guide. We wait and wait and still no one arrives. We begin to ask the local business. No one knows anything. Finally, we just begin walking towards the Reichstag dome AKA German Parliament. Along the way we find ourselves yet again, caught up in what we think to be a festival. Still wanting to get to our damn tour we arrive to Parliament and still no sign of our tour guide. Eventually we give up and give in. We continued hearing the people of the crowds cheering. Ah what the hell, let’s go! All around us people, hundreds with painted faces, wigs and football jerseys. The Euro cup is going on and Germany is playing. Who I can’t remember. Portugal…Maybe? The atmosphere emits a sense of familiarity among strangers. We just follow in and act like we know what’s happening.

We arrive to a check point. As I realize that they are checking purses I arrive to a female. There’s a language barrier. I know no German. Besides Danka at this point. Which means “thank you”. This serves me no purpose. While I’m thinking to myself “shit, I should have taken some German classes”. She reaches into my purse and takes my deodorant. My stick of deodorant I repeat. She proceeds to tell me in very broken English I can’t take it in because there are “no liquids allowed”. It’s not a liquid, it’s a solid. I’m sad, but ill part with it to get to the excitement. She takes it and Lindsey watches as she chucks it in the dumpster. We carry on, grabbing some beers along the way. This deodorant chucking event will end up being one of the worst things to happen. For the remainder of our vacation because we must use roll on liquid antiperspirants which happens to be of no use combating sweat.

This section of the street is completely closed for the game. There are big screen TV’s every intersection for a quarter-mile. Just behind Brandenburg gate there is a concert! With a live cover band. Everyone begins to sing Seven Nation Army by the White stripes. I myself being from Wichita Kansas find this completely ironic and electrifying. The crowd begins chanting. We’re all in sync our bodies swaying and hands waving in the air. I’m taken. I feel free and liberated, also at the same time feeling a sense of community. Everyone excepting everyone. Its bliss.


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