We built this city on Rock & Roll

We’ve made it to Berlin and have spent nearly 24 hours plane hoping. We arrive to our hostel to find that our room isn’t quite ready, but they have shower stalls available. Thank God! Were filthy. We stink, our faces are oily and our hair greasy. We collect a shower card and find our way to the 2nd floor. Upon entering the shower room there’s 3 stalls. The first stall is occupied and the second covered with mildew. The third appears to have just been used. There’s a young man standing by the sink brushing his teeth. He is watching us with wandering eyes through the mirror. I can’t read the expression on his face. Quite possibly he just caught a whiff of us. Screw it! Lindsey and I jet lagged and eager to start our day, open our suitcases and instantly we own this community shower room. Our belongings are hanging from the hooks, our suitcases, backpacks and shoes cover the floor. We jump in the same 3×3 stall. We spent the next ten minutes lathering and laughing at the circumstances of the beginning of our adventure. I can’t begin to imagine what that young man thought of us.

Clean and ready to explore, we lock up our luggage and head out on to the streets of Berlin.  I’ve got excitement excreting from my pores or maybe that’s sweat from the heat, either way its blazing hot here and my makeup is already starting to run. We’ve finally make our way through the city to the Memorial to The Murdered Jews. Below the memorial is the museum. What a way to start off our Journey, with knots in our throats attempting to compose ourselves fighting back tears. Enough of that, we head outside to strike a few more poses and continue on. Down the street we find ourselves a beer garden and grab a drink.

The sun begins its decent to the west casting long shadows, there is barely a cloud in the sky. It makes for a beautifully mysterious backdrop that is equally as elegant as the renaissance facade you can see throughout most of the historical buildings within the city. We stumble upon a festival in the Kreuzberg district. There’s live music, great food and most important…alcohol! The atmosphere is tantalizing. People everywhere, dancing, singing, and enjoying the presence of strangers.

We grab some drinks and begin roaming the small vendor’s booths until we realize were drunk. We find ourselves a seat on the curb in front of a carousel to finish our drinks, which happened to be extremely potent. We were barely able to finish them. At this point we’ve both had plenty to drink and begin to loosen up. This is our first time traveling together and I think we are both still slightly apprehensive. After a few drinks, some food and tears streaming down our faces due to laughter, a sense of carelessness starts to set in. Honestly, I can’t remember how we even got back to our hostel. I’ll go ahead and assume we took a taxi. It could have quite possibly been the tube, AKA subway.


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