Back so soon?

It was late summer of July 2010 when I first laid eyes on him, I was young, barely 18 working at a sports bar part-time for some extra cash. It’s just after 11am on a Wednesday so the place is pretty deserted besides a few regulars on their lunch breaks. As I make my way towards the front of the bar, I can feel someone watching. I didn’t make eye contact, this isn’t the first time I’ve had eyes on me walking through the bar. Instead I continued past these wandering eyes and carried on. To be honest I could feel his eyes staring at my butt. I’ve got tight black pants on that flatter what curves I have.

Time passes and as he’s leaving the bar, we lock eyes. I instantly notice his seductive almond shape brown eyes. The sun is coming in through the windows causing the dark browns of his iris to transform into a dark golden with slight hints of red. Standing on my tiptoes slightly leaning over the counter I wait until the very last-minute, the door is only inches from closing, but I know he can still hear me. I politely say “Thanks for coming, have a nice day” and the moment is gone.

I’m working in the back cleaning, when I hear the door alarm go off notifying me someone has entered the bar. I walk through the kitchen to the reach the cashier stand to greet the customers. To my surprise, that same man who left not 15 minutes ago is standing at the cash register in front of me.

Back so soon eh? Well at least that’s the question my facial expression greets him with. We smile, making eye contact at one another. As I study his flawless skin and perfect bone structure, he informs me that he forgot to place a to-go order for wings to take to his dad. I take his order. There is an obvious attraction between the two of us. I’m grinning from ear to ear, thinking to myself “Wow, sure glad I put my face on before my shift this morning”. There is an instant chemistry. We held a good conversation the entire time his take out order is being prepared. Towards the end of the conversation we’re both flirting and totally feeding off each-others energy, our body languages working in harmony, I feel drawn to him. Unfortunately our conversation gets cut short as I hear the buzzer going off and he places it on the counter flashing red. I grab his food from the back kitchen rail. Using all my efforts, because I have chicken scratch for hand writing, I write a thank you note on the receipt and sign my name.


As we say our goodbyes, I feel him hesitate wanting to ask me something, but instead smiles and says goodbye. As he leave I can’t help but feel sad knowing I may never get the chance to talk to him and feel that electricity again. I go straight to the back and grab my phone to text my best friend. I tell her about how I just met the most amazing man. Lying in bed that night I find myself reminiscing about the conversation we shared and the chemistry between us.


Flash forward two weeks its July 28th. It’s late, I’m at my apartment bored and figure hey why not, I haven’t checked Myspace in at least 6 months. Low and behold I have a message from the man at the bar asking me if he can take me on a date because he can’t stop thinking about me. I’m completely flabbergasted. I read and re-read the message a few times, finally I grow enough courage and message him back. We arrange a date for a few days later. 3 months later we moved in together, 7 months later were engaged and 3 years after that we’re married.

I often find myself thinking back on this smiling. I chuckle because I know that in this world things work in mysterious ways. That day all those years ago, there must have been a galactic alignment. Everything in my life led up to those moments and everything since that moment has been nothing short of incredible.






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