Northern Lights Hunting

It's 7:30pm, my husband and I spent most of the morning at the Blue Lagoon. We've just finished exploring the Geyser's. The sun has set, yet remnants of light still remain. We head to our camper van to search for the nearest grocery store. Finding an open one proves to be a challenge. Its winter... Continue Reading →


Reykjavik, The colorful city

Its 4:35 in the morning, we’ve just landed in Keflavik, Iceland. We haven’t slept but a few hours in the last 24 hours thanks to my ER visit. I landed myself in the ER at 1am yesterday. I woke in the middle of the night trying to clear my throat to find there wasn’t anything... Continue Reading →

So this is Amsterdam

Its Monday July 27th, we arrive to Amsterdam. Its 0830 and our tour starts at 0930 for the Anne Frank House. The airport is huge and we’ve got a 35 minute commute without traffic. Frantically we rush through the airport and make our way to the taxi stand. Shit, the moment we step outside we... Continue Reading →

No Liquids Allowed

We’ve got some time to kill before our tour at 1730 of German Parliament. We decide to take the tube AKA the subway (which by now we have mastered, or at least we think we have) to check point Charlie. We end up spending about 45 minutes in the Check point Charlie Museum which is... Continue Reading →

Back so soon?

It was late summer of July 2010 when I first laid eyes on him, I was young, barely 18 working at a sports bar part-time for some extra cash. It's just after 11am on a Wednesday so the place is pretty deserted besides a few regulars on their lunch breaks. As I make my way... Continue Reading →

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